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A Special Fedoskino TREASURE - '' True Friendship ''
Extremely fancy Art box created in 1999

- by Fedoskino artist Sviridova -

signed and dated,

measuring 3.62 x 4.72 x 1.38 inches

(9.20 x 12.00 x 3.50 cm).




This gem of a box successfully employs just about every tool available to the modern Fedoskino artist :

Its curved shape is most elaborate and features a carved footed base.
The body treatment shows a marbleized effect, which is created by a special dye-resist technique.
The main scene of the Girl and her St. Bernard Dog is painted in such a vivid and joyful manner that cannot help but touch the heart.
Aluminum powder and translucent oil paints are used to give depth to the scene.

And on top of this exceptional mastery of brush and pigment, there is the most delicate filigree decoration framing the center scene plus more gold borders applied around the top of the lid and around the base.


- In short : If you can have only one single Russian lacquer box to exemplify the range of painterly skill in Fedoskino Art, then THIS ONE IS IT. -


Medium: paper-mache, aluminum powder, opaque and translucent oil paint, dye-resist technique, lacquer and gold




Quote - : - "Sviridova, from the village of Fedoskino, is the talented Artist that painted this masterful work. It is everything that a Russian lacquer miniature from Fedoskino should be. The composition is devoutly realistic. The decorative elements are extremely beautiful and elegant. And the characters are very expressive. Memories of childhood, laughter and fun are played back for you by the artist. "

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