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Kholui Master Artist Malov has created a total of five (5) wonderfully detailed miniature paintings inspired by the tale of The Snow Queen on this spectacular Russian lacquer box in the shape of a covered barrel: 5-in-1 (Five scenes in one piece).

Collectible Art Box with exquisite floral gold ornament created in 2001

- by Malov of Kholui -

signed and titled, measuring 4.53 x 4.53 x 3.74 inches (11.50 x 11.50 x 9.50 cm).

Richly Ornamented Kholui (Kholuy - Холуй) Lacquer Box
  Malov's imagination was sparked by one of Hans Christian Andersen's 168 fairy tales: The Snow Queen, who is pictured on the lid of the box, looming above the land, grants Kay refuge after a piece of mirror, that makes everything reflected in it look evil, got stuck in his eye. She keeps him safe in her ice palace until Gerda, his true love, comes to take him home and breaks the spell of the evil mirror.

The artist's chosen palette is based on very cool pastels that perfectly convey the winter setting of the story. The fascinating composition on the lid immediately draws the viewer into the magical realm of the Snow Queen's kingdom and sets the mood.

All around the sides there is a lot of linear movement, which intensifies each of the four winter scenes portrayed in delicate miniature. Gold paint is used with great skill to give a festive sparkle to each of the vignettes.


Upon completing this piece Malov writes its title, Kholui, and his name on the bottom of the box in gold.

He also identifies this work as an artistic original that resulted from his creative ability as an artist.

The ornamental decoration on this box is unique in design and superb in execution.

On the lid, an intricate gold pattern that is interwoven with multi-hued egg-tempera frames the scene in a rich golden circle. This complex and luxurious ornament is repeated between the scenes on the sides. In addition, the artist paints a fringe of icicles to look like they are hanging down from the bottom of the lid. Several extra bands of gold filigree and borders are found on the box as well. (Unfortunately the shiny warm glow of gold cannot be adequately pictured in digital images.)

The abundant application of leaf-gold trim gives the box exceptional luster and a jewel-like quality.

Highly recommended to the Collector of the Kholui School of Russian Lacquer Art.


Medium: paper-mache, black lacquer, egg-tempera, lacquer and polished leaf-gold

GALLERY List Price: $850 ---

- Our SALE Price: $650 (plus Shipping)


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(Our digital camera cannot adequately capture the superb golden glow of this unique lacquer art creation.)

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